Matthew Beddingfield's Face

I’m Matthew Beddingfield, an attorney, writer, and pilot who dabbles in way too many hobbies for his own good.

I’m currently in the Washington, D.C. area where I work as a whistleblower attorney, primarily representing clients in the financial fraud space. Previously, I worked for Bloomberg where I reported on a variety of legal matters. I have continued to write, and you can find my work in Scientific American, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

In recent years, I’ve worked to tell the story of my grandfather, who is the last remaining survivor from the scene of the Apollo 1 tragedy. You can follow my endless journey to tell the definitive history of that event on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I also co-author a blog on the topic with George Leopold, which you can find here.

In my free time you can likely find me testing out a new homebrew recipe, working on my next pilot’s rating, or researching U.S. space history.

Want to be a part of any of the above? Let’s chat.